All patients must know that before they can start an individualized therapy with testosterone injections, the patient must do some medical analyses and blood tests. physicians are experienced practitioners in therapies with injectable testosterone. Contact us and our experts will assist you with your testosterone injections therapy.

Testosterone Injections


Testosterone injections are recommended for patients who suffer of testosterone deficiency. Low testosterone levels can be adjusted with bio-identical testosterone injections prescribed by doctors.


Testosterone injections can be prescribed for both men and women in the following circumstances or medical conditions:

For men, testosterone injections can be used for male menopause, infertility and impotence (in violation of spermatogenesis), androgen deficiency, osteoporosis (due to lack of androgens) or as a replacement therapy for primary and secondary hypogonadism (hypopituitarism, evnuhoidizme, oligospermia, post-castration syndrome, delayed puberty).

For women, testosterone injections can be used for osteoporosis, premenstrual syndrome, uterine fibroids, hyperestrogenism dysfunctional bleeding, endometriosis, breast cancer and climacteric disorders (with estrogens).

Testosterone injections are prescribed only for patients with low levels of testosterone. Injectable testosterone should not be used as a performance enhancer or a muscle developer, as some bodybuilders and athletes do.


Testosterone replacement therapy is available in many forms, but testosterone injections are considered, in the medical practice, the best treatment for testosterone deficiency. Although testosterone is provided in patches, gels, pills and sprays, endocrinology specialists say that only injectable testosterone can increase the levels of testosterone in the bloodstream.

Other testosterone supplements can turn out to be a waste of time and money. They can have serious side effects and damage your health. Additionally many of them are not FDA approved. Testosterone injections are proven to be very efficient in the treatment of testosterone deficiency. 

TESTOSTERONE INJECTIONS WITH PRESCRIPTION specialists will only prescribe testosterone injections to patients who suffer of testosterone deficiency. Athletes, bodybuilders and people under 30, who show no symptoms of testosterone deficiency, will not be treated with testosterone injections. offers only FDA approved, quality testosterone injections, made in the US, working only with US licensed pharmacies.


If you’re over 30 and you experience any of the symptoms associated with low levels of testosterone you should check for testosterone deficiency. experts can help you identify testosterone deficiency and recommend the best testosterone replacement therapy for you, due to their vast experience in endocrinology and andrology. physicians prescribe only quality testosterone approved by FDA.

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Testosterone is necessary for sperm production and it plays an important role in maintaining a healthy sex drive and performance. Low levels of testosterone can reduce muscle mass and can lead to an accumulation of fat around the abdomen, decreased libido and erectile dysfunction (impotence).

Low testosterone (Low-T) levels can affect a man’s behavior and nature; it can also increase his emotional sensitivity and his susceptibility to stress.

Sometimes, a deficiency of testosterone can result a behavior or nature change, modification, such as greater emotional sensitivity, or greater feeling of stress. In these cases some physicians may prescribe HRT with testosterone for some patients.