Before any patients starts the testosterone therapy, he must follow some specific analyses and blood tests.

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Testosterone Therapy


Testosterone therapy is often used by athletes and bodybuilders to get a faster and more efficient development of muscle mass, even if they don’t need it. For people who don’t have testosterone deficiency, the higher doses from these non-prescribed testosterone therapies can lead to many potential complications.

Testosterone therapy should only be prescribed by physicians in appropriate doses. It is recommended for patients with low testosterone levels that need to improve their health and quality of life. Doctors specialized in endocrinology reported some improvements, in the overall condition of the body, in men and women, after following a testosterone treatment over a long period of time.

After the age of 30, patients can experience a lowering of testosterone levels in the bloodstream. This phenomenon appears more strongly at men, since testosterone is the main sex hormone in their body. Testosterone deficiency comes with a series of undesired symptoms, which can be often associated with aging, like decreased energy, strength and muscle mass, decreased mental concentration and depression, decreased sex drive and even impotence. This is why all men over 30 should test their testosterone levels and take into consideration testosterone therapy. 


Testosterone therapy can help reverse the effects of what some medical experts call the “male menopause”, which progressively installs in the man body after the age of 30. The first step is to determine a possible testosterone deficiency by measuring the testosterone levels in the bloodstream. If they are low, physicians will prescribe an individualized testosterone therapy. If a patient experiences any of the above mentioned symptoms doctors will recommend supplementing testosterone levels with testosterone injections.

PRIMEhormones.com experts can successfully identify testosterone deficiency and efficiently apply testosterone therapy, due to their vast experience in endocrinology.

Testosterone therapy is applied to adjust the levels of testosterone in a patient’s body and bring them to normal levels by injecting bio-identical testosterone hormones. Testosterone therapy can be a very complex process. It can either work independently or be a part of an intricate hormone replacement therapy (HRT) combined with other hormones.

PRIMEhormones.com physicians will only prescribe testosterone therapy for patients who suffer of testosterone deficiency. The need of an injectable testosterone therapy is carefully determined by a thorough and comprehensive survey. The patients are always consulted before starting and closely followed during testosterone therapy.

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